Since 2001, we have been giving Personal Chefs, Private Chefs and Caterers 
​​a growing range of liability insurance products to help you lower your Chef business costs and stay healthy.

We also partner with other companies to help you grow your Chef business.

get chef insurance today. here's what other chefs have said...

protecting you.   protecting your business.   protecting your clients.


Operating a Personal Chef, Private Chef or Catering business without liability insurance could put you personally at risk from being sued

​Our aim is to help you to lower the stress of running a Chef or Personal Chef business so that you can cook great food!


"One of the scariest things about starting my own business was the thought of being sued because of a mistake.  I have a young family, and although I have over 10 years of cooking experience in top restaurants, it took a lot of courage and support from my friends and family to take the leap.  Finding [you] was a godsend - knowing that I have the insurance to protect me and my clients took a huge weight off my shoulders.  I've now been a Personal Chef for over 6 years, and haven't had to call on the insurance, yet I wouldn't be without it.  It's my safety net and my peace of mind."


"...I actually just did a bit of research myself and called a few brokerages you weren't kidding when you said they charged over $1,000.  I will be sending those papers over...


Low-cost liability insurance for Private Chefs, Personal Chefs and Caterers protects you and your clients should something go wrong during an event. 

​​We also have medical, dental, home & auto insurance options available to suit your budget and needs.


We are based in the Toronto, Ontario area, but have been working with Personal and Private Chefs and Caterers across Canada since 2001.

Whether you are in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Markham, Regina or beyond, contact us for an application form today.