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ARTICLE - Why You Should Insist On CGL to Protect Your Kitchen

BY: CHEF SONIA, Success manager at The Chef Alliance

​If you run a commercial kitchen, a food incubator, a ghost kitchen or you own a restaurant and rent out the kitchen when you're closed, you know the investment that you have put into your unit, building and/or facility is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  You may have taken out a mortgage on your home or a loan from the bank or from investors - either way, you need to protect your investment and ensure that those who use the facility protect you for any damage that may occur while they are using it.  This includes a fire or damaged equipment.

Why do I need to insist on Commercial General Liability Insurance?

When a food business entrepreneur rents your kitchen, you should insist that they have Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance.  Your facility will need to be added as an Additional Insured on their certificate of insurance.  This protects your business, your kitchen and your equipment from their negligence and/or damage.  Otherwise, you may have to sue the entrepreneur personally - and actually being able to collect on a judgement against them may be time consuming and difficult, since they may not have the money to pay.  This leaves you having to pay for the damage in the mean time. 

CGL Insurance also covers bodily injury.  So if a guest or another user of your kitchen slips and is injured as a result of the entrepreneur spilling something on the floor, you could be held liable.  Making CGL Insurance mandatory for all users of your kitchen means that bodily injury as a result of their negligence will be paid by their insurance, not you.


As a commercial or incubator kitchen you can earn a Referral Fee for each new member that joins The Chef Alliance as a result of your recommendation or referral.  It's that simple.  And there is no cost for you to join the program.  We'll even add your facility to our list of locations that we recommend to our members to use.​  For each member, we will add your facility as an Additional Insured on their Certificate of Insurance - so you're protected as well!


The Chef Alliance is a leading foodservice association in Canada offering Chefs and Entrepreneurs a place to grow their business.  They can benefit from liability insurance to protect their clients and finances, peer support strengthen their business, discounts to lower their business costs, market their services and increase profits.  This leaves them time to concentrate on what they do best - cook great food!