Business interruption insurance is a key consideration of a company’s continuity plan.


It is designed to compensate for the financial impact of the interruption/interference to your business as a result of physical damage to your property or other key external events, such as damage at a supplier’s or customer’s premises.  The intention is to restore the business to the same financial position as if the loss had not occurred.  

A business interruption policy can cover either "named perils" or "all risk".

- A named perils policy covers losses caused by perils that are expressly listed in your policy.

- An all risk policy provides protection against loss caused by any risk that is not specifically excluded from your policy.

It is important to consider "the indemnity period" which is the time period covered for loss of business.  This can be "limited" or "extended".

​- Limited pays only until the damage is repaired or the property is replaced.

​- Extended continues to pay until your business resumes its normal, pre-interruption level, subject to the maximum period of indemnity listed in your policy.

For more information, please contact your insurance agent.

Member benefits and coverage are subject to change without notice.  For more information on protecting your Chef business, please contact our office.