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insurance for food stylists  

Food stylists prepare food for photos to be used in traditional print publications, for online publications, blogs, social media feeds etc.  In addition, the food could be used on set for films, music videos, advertisements and so on.  The job of a Food Stylist is to make the food look visually appealing.  For more information about what being a Food Stylist involves, read here.

Food Stylists do not prepare food for consumption, but for aesthetics only, yet they are an integral part of the foodservice industry.  They also require liability insurance to protect their business from claims.  For example, what if there is a mishap during a photo shoot, where property is damaged or broken?  Consider what would happen if someone on set sneaks a taste of the food that you have prepared (that may have been sitting out at room temperature for hours during a photo shoot) and then becomes ill.  Having liability insurance protects you, gives you peace of mind, and reinforces your professionalism.

adding an additional insured for commercial kitchens and incubator kitchens 

Food stylists typically use a commercial kitchen or rental space to avoid the high expense of purchasing a location, equipment etc.  These locations will typically require that they be added as an 'Additional Insured' on the certificate of insurance.  This can quickly and easily be done at any stage.  We can also increase Tenant's Legal Liability, if required, from the standard $100,000 to up to $2,000,000.  We have partnered with many commercial kitchens and incubator kitchens etc. across Canada and can introduce you to them, if required.

commercial general liability insurance

Commercial General Liability Insurance is a must for anyone in the foodservice industry.  It protects you and your finances should there be a claim from someone consuming your food, even if it was not meant to be consumed.  This could cost thousands of dollars in medical, legal or replacement costs.  

It also protects should a claim arise from clients coming to your workplace for business-related meetings.  A slip-and-fall that occurs as a result of a Food Stylist's negligence, for example, could result in a lawsuit, since they are ultimately responsible for their workspace. 

Any breakages or damage to their clients' property, even if unintentional, would also be solely their fault.  Without liability insurance, this could make the difference between running a business and going through bankruptcy as you would be personally liable for the costs.  Without it, you will be personally liable for your legal fees and all the costs of a successful claim. 

Having liability insurance protects your hard-earned income and gives you peace of mind.  This is where Chef Insurance comes in, and our Success Managers are always ready to assist and answer your questions.


Food Stylists run from a home office. Your home insurance company will need to be notified any time you operate a business from home, otherwise any claims may not be honoured, leaving you to pay for the costs relating to the claim out of your own pocket.  Even if you are simply writing menus or testing recipes, if you damage your home while working or have business-related meetings at home and someone slips and falls, for example, then these may not be covered if your insurance company was unaware that business was being conducted.

​accounting and tax considerations

Your accountant can advise you on how to set up your business to take advantage of tax rules relating to business expenses.  You should also discuss the best way to set up your business (e.g. a sole proprietorship, a corporation etc.) to declare income, whether you need to charge sales tax etc.  Remember, it is a crime to earn income, including tips, without declaring it to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), and there can be serious consequences for doing so.  Being convicted of tax evasion can also lead to fingerprinting, court imposed fines, jail time, and a criminal record. When taxpayers are convicted of tax evasion, they must still repay the full amount of taxes owing, plus interest and any civil penalties assessed by the CRA.

The Chef Alliance is a leading foodservice association in Canada offering Chefs and Entrepreneurs a place to grow their business.  They can benefit from liability insurance to protect their clients and finances, peer support strengthen their business, discounts to lower their business costs, market their services and increase profits.  This leaves them time to concentrate on what they do best - cook great food!