Food stylists may not prepare food for consumption, but as an integral part of the foodservice industry, they also require liability insurance to protect their business from claims. 

What if there is a mishap during a photo shoot, or someone sneaks a taste of food (that has been sitting out for hours) afterwards, and then becomes ill?  Having liability insurance protects you, gives you peace of mind, and reinforces your professionalism.

recreational/instructional cooking instructors

Whether you are a Culinary Instructor at a cooking school, offer cooking classes in a client's home, workspace, in retail stores, or offer cooking demos at trade shows and community events etc., having liability insurance is necessary to protect you should someone get injured during a class or fall ill from consuming food prepared at your events. 


Increasingly, Personal Chefs and Private Chefs are found working in the kitchens of average Canadian families.  Even though they are working in their clients' homes, liability insurance is essential.  A claim could cost thousands of dollars in medical, legal or replacement costs.  Without liability insurance, this could make the difference between running a business and going through bankruptcy.

pop-up restaurants

Pop-up restaurants are a recent phenomenon, and gaining popularity every year.  There're a great way to use existing commercial kitchen or restaurant space without the huge investment of a full-scale restaurant.  In many cases, our core program will cover your business for these occasional events, at a lower cost than you would expect!  The location that you're using will ask to be added to your certificate of insurance, and this can be done very easily.

we can help you too!

Not sure if your Chef or foodservice business would be covered?  Simply Contact Us, telling us a bit about your business*, and we'll get back to you with details! 

Even if your service or business falls outside our core program, we can help you get quotes from industry professionals.

​*Gross annual sales must be below $80K; sales through retail stores and large production amounts are not be covered

Mise en place services

Chefs and Cooks providing a Mise En Place service have had contact with raw ingredients.  Even though they may not be directly involved in cooking the final food products, they could be dragged into a lawsuit should someone get food poisoning.  Lawyers will look at every stage of the process, and try to apportion the blame on everyone involved.  Having liability insurance will protect you should this occur.

Menu planners & Recipe researchers

When someone gets food poisoning, a good litigation lawyer will come after anyone who had anything to do with the food preparation process.  If you think Menu Planners and Recipe Researchers are safe, think again! 

Did you plan menus/recipes to take all allergies of your clients into consideration?  Did you write the recipes clearly and take food safety protocols into consideration?  Every aspect of your work will be looked at to see if any portion of blame can be pinned on you.

dinner party chefs/ cooks/ Home-Cooks

Whether you are cooking for 2 or cooking for a crowd, in your home or in a client's home, we've got you covered.  Yes, that's right - even if it's in your home!  Any time you invite people into your home, if there is a business transaction in relation to your dinner party (whether you receive money or goods/services in exchange for cooking), then you should have liability insurance.  It doesn't matter if you're a trained Chef, Cook, or Home Cook, without it, you are personally liable should anything happen.


This category includes Artisan or Specialty Bakers, small producers of jams/jelly, juice/smoothies, baby food, teas,  cookies, chocolates, prepared meals... the list goes on!  These foodservice businesses must meet certain criteria, including:

- food items are prepared in a licensed, inspected commercial kitchen and are picked up by the customer or delivered directly to them, including using companies such as Uber Eats, Skip-The-Dishes.

- gross annual sales remain below $80,000/year and are sold directly to consumers (not via another retailer), including at trade and consumer shows, local events, farmer's markets etc.


Catering companies serve food to a multitude of people.  From private catering of a small dinner party in a client's home to a larger event, such as a wedding or corporate event, large and small catering companies have high exposure to risks, such as lost equipment, property damage and food poisoning.  For catering companies using a commercial kitchen or rental space, there may be a requirement to add the location as a 'Named Insured' or 'Additional Insured.'  This can quickly and easily be done at any stage.  

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