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 protecting your business 

large event coverage insurance  

Catering companies, Personal Chefs, Private Chefs, Chef Instructors and other foodservice businesses may require additional insurance coverage to protect their business for events where they are serving large numbers of people, such as weddings, parties, special events, team-building events, group cooking lessons and corporate events.  This is called Large Event Coverage or LEC.

when is the large event coverage required

Large Event Coverage is required for events over 20 people and up to 200 people (“Events”), including private and corporate catering, parties and special events, cooking lessons etc.  Participation in trade shows, farmers markets and community events do not require LEC, and these are covered under our standard program. 

requirements for the LARGE EVENT COVERAGE 

Each Event MUST be registered with the insurance company in advance in order to be covered by the LEC – details such as location & number of guests will be required.  This information should be sent to your Success Manager by email; the Success manager will, in turn, notify the insurance company.

details of the LARGE EVENT COVERAGE 

When you add LEC to your membership with The Chef Alliance, it is for a maximum of 12 months, ending on the July 1st following the date of commencement of the coverage.  Any members adding LEC will get $50 off their next renewal Term.

The Chef Alliance is a leading foodservice association in Canada offering Chefs and Entrepreneurs a place to grow their business.  They can benefit from liability insurance to protect their clients and finances, peer support strengthen their business, discounts to lower their business costs, market their services and increase profits.  This leaves them time to concentrate on what they do best - cook great food!