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membershipFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - Updated July 2019


The policy may cover the following services; there are too many variables, so if you don't see your business listed, contact us and we'll let you know.

  • Personal Chef services conducted in a client's home or premises, with up to 20 diners.  For this service, food must be prepared on-site, not in a commercial kitchen or elsewhere.  It can apply to the traditional personal chef service (customised freezer-friendly meals), private cooking classes in a client's home or commercial premises, dinner parties, BBQs, menu planning services, mis-en-place services etc. 
  • onsite catering with up to 200 guests - this option can be added at any time throughout your membership.
  • some items prepared for sale at Farmer's Markets and fairs; please provide information to our office for verification (see below).
  • some items sold directly to consumers, not through retail locations; please provide information to our office for verification (see below).
  • recreational cooking lessons up to 20 people; please provide information to our office for verification.
  • baked goods created by Artisan or Personal bakers, making one-off custom cakes for various clients (if selling a set product line through stores, it would not fit); please provide information to our office for verification.
  • prepared meal service, where meals are prepared in a commercial kitchen, packaged and then the client picks them up from the location; please provide information to our office for verification.
  • preparing meals in the Chef's own home (subject to municipal licensing, health and safety protocols etc) for clients, where the clients can either have the meals delivered or picked up from the home (recommended that Chefs have a lawyer draft a release for the clients, indicating that they understand that the meals will be prepared in Chef's kitchen not a commercial facility, and that transporting foods must be done in accordance with food safety protocols); please provide information to our office for verification.
  • cooking at a licensed kitchen in a school, or similar facility, for people to pick up meals for take-out; please provide information to our office for verification.
  • many other services

IF MY NEEDS CHANGE or i need to cancel THROUGHOUT MY TERM, CAN I do this?

You can upgrade your Chef Insurance at any time.  However, we recommend that you take a level higher than you think you will need, as the cost is incrementally more.  You cannot downgrade your insurance during the Term.

Cancellations of upcoming membership terms (renewals) must be received by our office no later than April 1st.  You may, however, cancel at any time, but would be responsible for any remaining instalments.  Refunds will not be issued upon cancellation or for any unused member benefits.  

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I already have liability insurance. Can I still join?

Of course! Our Classic Membership and Classic Plus Membership options are for small businesses like yours and does not include liability insurance. Benefits include:
- discounts for marketing, training courses, goods and services;
- mentorship/support from our Success Managers;
- e-newsletters, addressing industry concerns, business advice, menu trends and much more.


What is a membership term?

Our terms of membership have changed, so the first term of membership is now for a maximum of 1 year, ending on June 30th.  So, for example, if you start a new membership in December, the first term is only for 7 months, until the following June 30th.  Renewals occur automatically to give members continuous liability protection and access to member benefits.  Cancellations of upcoming membership terms (renewals) must be received by our office no later than April 1st.  

We also have Short Term Membership options for businesses who don't want a membership for the entire term - contact us for details

My business partner and I offer different services - a personal chef service and private cooking classes. Do we need separate memberships?

If you are providing the services under the same business name, then only one membership is required; one partner will be the main applicant, and the other will be added for a small annual fee.

What is the premier package of benefits?

Our member benefits are always changing.  In 2019, we changed our membership options, to give businesses greater flexibility and control over the cost of membership.  At the time of writing this article, the Premier Package includes:

  • 25% off our business and marketing training modules;
  • membership in Restaurants Canada;
  • industry insights, webinars and resources;
  • access to the latest menu and industry trends;
  • free entry to select foodservice industry trade shows across Canada where you can connect with suppliers, advertisers and marketers, celebrity chefs, foodservice professionals, distributors etc.;
  • complimentary foodservice magazines and e-newsletters, including Menu Magazine, Restobiz Bytes…;
  • a range of member benefits and trade discounts;
  • access to group rates for home, auto and health insurance;
  • free ad design and exclusive discounted rates for advertising with the Ontario Filmmaker Directory, where you can promote your food/services to film producers, production companies and film studios and personnel in the wider film industry;
  • access to preferred rates for tax and legal services;
  • access to discounted background checks – ideal if you hire staff to go to clients’ homes/workplaces;
  • discounts off business products, such as cheques, promo materials, business cards, invoices etc.;
  • and much more! 

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If all of the services are provided under one business name/ entity, then only one membership is required.  So, for example, if you provide private cooking lessons, attend at a weekly farmers market to sell your vegan dips, and also cater private and corporate events, these would be covered under one membership.  If you operate services under different company names, a membership will be required for each company; you may be eligible for a discount for the 2nd and subsequent businesses.