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 protecting your business 


Here's a sampling of comments from members about Chef Insurance, and the difference that it has made to their lives and their business.

CHEF Shauna:

"Great! Thank you so much, Paula! I actually just did a bit of research myself and called a few brokerages you weren't kidding when you said they charged over $1,000.  I will be sending those papers over..."


"The Chef Alliance has helped me reduce my business costs.  I used to pay $1500 for insurance, and that's been slashed to about $400.  I used the extra money to pay for new equipment, flyers for my business in the neighbourhood, and a night on the town with my fiance!"

nina abacan

​"I am truly thankful for your help, support and responses with all my inquires. This association is a huge blessing for me."

David (Food Incubator referral program):

"[Membership] sounds like something that would benefit all my clients..."

Megan's previous insurance company had increased the cost of insurance by almost 100% due to COVID-19.  For less than the cost of her previous policy, she was able to get the same level of insurance coverage and membership in The Chef Alliance.  "Thank you so much Sonia! This program is PERFECT for me"


"I have 3 children, and my wife doesn't have any medical insurance at work. I was able to find a medical plan to fit my budget." 

CHEF Stephane:

"Without any of the other benefits you offer, I've already saved about $900 on insurance! How good is that!"

CHEF keith:

"Thanks for the support that you've given me over the last 5 years. Without you, growing my business would have been an uphill struggle, instead of the delight it's been. Looking forward to another great year ahead!"


"The price of insurance and membership with the Chef Alliance is a bargain!"

chef mozer:

"Since becoming a member of The Chef Alliance, I not only feel more secure working as a personal chef as a result of the [chef] insurance and legal benefits, but I feel more secure knowing that I am a part of a community of great chefs, all working towards the same goal – creating restaurant quality food in the comfort of people’s own homes.  The Chef Alliance has given me the opportunity to both expand my network of clients and receive discounted rates on services that benefit the growth of my business."


"One of the scariest things about starting my own business was the thought of being sued because of a mistake.  I have a young family, and although I have over 10 years of cooking experience in top restaurants, it took a lot of courage and support from my friends and family to take the leap.  Finding The Chef Alliance was a godsend - knowing that I have the insurance to protect me and my clients took a huge weight off my shoulders.  I've now been a Personal Chef for over 6 years, and haven't had to call on the insurance, yet I wouldn't be without it.  It's my safety net and my peace of mind."


"I know the dangers and mistakes that a cook can make..."

Chef Ian:

"I joined of a couple of personal chef organisations when I started my business.  I wasn’t sure which one to give up.  You insured me AND gave me jobs.  I paid for insurance and membership in the first 5 weeks with you guys!  Couldn’t believe it!  It definitely made the choice a no-brainer!!"


"For nearly the past year of being a member of The Chef Alliance, I began as a Bronze Level member and quickly decided to become a Platinum Level member and will never look back. I have received amazing personal chef gigs, promotions through their e-marketing and PR campaigns, affordable liability insurance [with Chef Insurance] and just recently some effective legal help when my company experienced an uncontrollable shortfall earlier this year. I would recommend becoming a Platinum member with The Chef Alliance from day 1 if you want to jump-start your personal chef service and make your culinary dreams a reality."


"It is wonderful to see that a Canadian company is supporting Canadian Chefs in their pursuit of new career directions. I was a burned out Chef, and had started to look at completely changing my career path, until I found The Chef Alliance.  With their business support, great benefits, liability insurance [with Chef Insurance] and affordable pricing, I tweaked my career instead, and now offer in home cooking services to busy families in my town. I love food and cooking, and am so happy that I could keep on doing what I love!"​

CHEF julie:

"...Having insurance is an important thing for me as I previously worked in that industry and I know how an insurance claim can be stressful and costly!..."​​

CHEF sam:

"I just got a quote from another company and your quote was much lower."​​


"As a Personal Chef, The Chef Alliance offers the best value for the money for general liability insurance for my business at an affordable price.  While I've never had to make a claim, it's comforting to know that it's there should I ever need it.  I have recommended this coverage to every chef I know!  You'd be crazy to work without it!"​​